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Video Analysis

Athletes and Trainers research and study hockey skills in slow motion frame by frame searching for ways to improve performance.  

whats the best shot in hockey?

Slap shot, Snap shot, Wrist shot


The one that goes in.

slap shots

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One time Slap-shots are by far the most impressive shots in hockey.  According to 2018-2019 statistics 9.6% of the goals were slap-shots. 

Goals scored: 


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Snap-shots are slightly more effective than slap-shots. According to 2018-2019 NHL  statistics 15.2% goals are snap-shots. 

Goals scored:


snap shots

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Wrist shots

Wrist-shots are the weapon of choice. 51.8% of the goals scored in the NHL come from a split second wrist-shot. 

Goals scored: 


Why do NHL SUPERSTARS SCORE more goals?